Some projects I worked on

Investment platform

Investment platform for institutional investors powered by AI. I joined the frontend team, helping with technical and strategical decisions. I developed several sections of the application, including the portfolio creation funnel and the chatbot. The frontend is developed using React.

White label app for private security companies

App for Android and iOS developed with React Native. The main feature of this app is the theming system that is used to quickly customise images and colours for specific companies.

App for managing industrial power meters

App for Android and iOS developed with React Native used by technicians to interact via Bluetooth Low Energy with industrial power measuring devices. The application lets the user configure such devices and download data coming from their sensors.

Dashboard for managing industrial breakers

Web app developed with React used by technicians to monitor and visualise aggregated and current sensor data provided by different families of smart industrial circuit breakers.


Experimental Social Network designed for travelers who want to share their experience. I developed the web app using SvelteKit.

Smart Parking

Monitoring Platform for parking lots that analyzes video streams coming from IP Cameras. I built the network infrastructure and integrated the video analysis service. For this project, I developed several applications and scripts targeting Linux, both for the main server and for the devices installed in the parking lots.


Progressive Web App that handles receipts. I developed both the backend and the frontend using Express.js and Svelte. The app provides a friendly user interface for creating and storing receipts online as well as an integration with thermal printers.

Cube H24 Web

Application that aggregates data coming for a variety of sensors. I developed a Proof of Concept, porting some sections of the existing Desktop application to a Progressive Web App using Svelte. The web application shows data from various sensors, it provides an interactive map to locate the sensors in a specific area and statistics based on historical data.

Light Touch

Web portal for professionals who work in street lighting systems. I developed a new section of an Angular web app called Light Touch. This section provides a form that collects data about street lamps, showing a preview of the street and a heatmap based on a photometric analysis.

Booking TouchHair

Booking platform targeting hairdressers and beauty centers. I developed the backend using Laravel and the frontend using Svelte. Using this application, shops can manage appointments through an interactive calendar and customers can make reservations using a funnel that automatically scans for available time slots.